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100 Centre Street, Manhattan

100 Centre Street, Manhattan

Arraignment (First Appearance) Information for New York City

Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island

If someone has been arrested in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, or Staten Island, he is going to endure a 24 hour experience that will end with the first appearance in court, or arraignment.

Arraignments in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island are confusing and stressful for the person who is arrested. But the New York City arraignment process is also stressful and confusing for the family and friends who often end up scrambling to find out information and desperate to find a way to help.

This arraignment information site provides detailed answers to many of the questions people have about arraignments in New York City. is sponsored by New York City criminal defense lawyers from Shalley and Murray.

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If you would like to speak to a criminal defense lawyer about a new arrest or upcoming arraignment, call us. Our telephone number is 718-268-2171.  Consultations are free.

Try TEXTING us at 347-866-3195.  We are often unable to respond to calls or listen to voicemails even from our own office when we are in Court or otherwise occupied.  BUT we can often receive and respond to TEXT messages as soon as we get them.  Especially in the developing situation of a new arrest in New York City, the quicker we can get involved the better.  Just text us and we can begin communicating right away.  The TEXT messages will be sent directly to one of our criminal defense lawyers.

We are not the Court. If you are simply interested in the telephone number to one of the arraignment courts in New York City, the most up to date numbers can be obtained by contacting New York City information (311) or by visiting the New York Office of Court Administration website.

Featured Articles 

Queens Criminal Court Mosaic

Queens Criminal Court Mosaic

Details about Arraignments in New York City

Learn About:

The Police Who Arrest You and the Prosecutors Who Talk to You After Arrest Are NOT Your Lawyers or Your Friends.

Watch the above short clip to witness a prosecutor reassuring our client (in the arrest to arraignment process) that she need not be concerned about being held in jail after the arraignment.  About four hours later, the prosecutor in arraignments asked the Judge to set $10,000 bail.  (Read more in an article from our main New York City Criminal Court information website.)

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Arraignment is just the beginning of a criminal case. What happens next?  There are lots of different kinds of categories of criminal charges, some more serious than others.  How do you know which is which?  Some sorts of criminal accusations do not involve the traditional arrest to arraignment path.  What then?  Is it really serious if it doesn't involve the arrest to arraignment process?

We provide free information about a wide variety of specific sorts of situations through specific specialty websites that are as easy to use and free of clutter and outlandish claims as this site.  Check out our sites below to see if there is some information that you think might apply to you or the case you are interested in.  If so, you may well find information you can use.

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Visit our most extensive website with a wide variety of articles related to the New York City Criminal Justice Process

Misdemeanor Information WebSite

Visit our New York City Misdemeanor Information Site devoted to providing information for those who are charged with misdemeanors in New York City.

Desk Appearance Ticket Information

If you have a Desk Appearance Ticket, and want information about how to understand the Desk Appearance Ticket process in New York, visit our new web site devoted exclusively to Desk Appearance Tickets.  Read three reasons why you need a lawyer for your Desk Appearance Ticket.

Pink Summons Information

If you have received a Pink Summons in New York City and want information about how to understand what this means or how to respond, visit our pink summons information site or our pink summons information page

Criminal Appeals in New York

For information about New York and Federal Criminal Appeals, read detailed information from New York Criminal Appeals Lawyer Tom Theophilos. This site is NOT affiliated with Shalley and Murray but has useful information for those in need.


Arraignment Lawyer

Don Murray, Founding Partner, Shalley and Murray

Don Murray, Founding Partner, Shalley and Murray

A Person Who is Arrested Needs a Lawyer for Arraignment

If someone you care about has been arrested in New York City, he or she needs a lawyer now, even if the charges are "minor" misdemeanor charges.

A private lawyer at arraignments, aside from providing critical advice, can frequently, save the arrested person time waiting for arraignment.

Especially for misdemeanor matters, the cost for bringing in a private criminal defense lawyer is often more affordable than you might think.

Call Shalley and Murray at 718-268-2171 for your free consultation and quote or READ MORE about the advantages and affordability of private counsel for arraignments in New York City.

It is Now Possible to get Criminal Convictions Sealed in New York!

New York recently passed a new law (Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.59) that makes it possible, beginning in October, 2017, to get criminal convictions sealed in New York.  Convictions must be ten years old, or older, and there are other limitations, but the law represents a dramatic shift in policy for New York.  Call us today at 718-268-2171 and we will start working on your motion today.  Get your life back.  Get jobs you may be currently disqualified from.

Visit our dedicated website about getting criminal convictions in New York sealed under section 160.59.  The information is provided by Don Murray,  founding partner in Shalley and Murray. Read about the conviction sealing provisions in detail and read about how a lawyer will help you get your New York conviction sealed.

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