Class "B" Misdemeanors in New York in Alphabetical Order


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  • consensual sodomy
  • conspiracy in the sixth degree
  • criminal nuisance in the second degree
  • criminal possession of an anti-security item
  • criminal possession of marijuana in the fifth degree
  • criminal sale of marijuana in the fifth degree
  • criminal tampering in the third degree
  • criminal trespass in the third degree
  • failing to report criminal communications
  • failure to report wiretapping
  • false personation
  • falsely reporting an incident in the third degree
  • fortune telling
  • harassment in the first degree
  • harming an animal trained to aid a person with a disability in the second degree
  • issuing a bad check
  • loitering in the first degree
  • menacing in the third degree
  • misconduct by corporate official
  • patronizing a prostitute in the fourth degree
  • permitting prostitution
  • possession of graffiti instruments
  • prostitution
  • public lewdness
  • reckless endangerment of property
  • refusing to aid a peace or a police officer
  • rent gouging in the third degree
  • self-abortion in the second degree
  • sexual abuse in the third degree
  • stalking in the fourth degree
  • tampering with a juror in the second degree
  • tampering with private communications
  • unlawful assembly
  • unlawful collection practices
  • unlawful disclosure of an indictment
  • unlawful possession of radio devices
  • unlawfully dealing with a child in the second degree
  • unlawfully obtaining communications information
  • unlawfully using slugs in the second degree

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