Violation Offenses in New York in Alphabetical Order


This information is brought to you by the New York criminal defense lawyers from Shalley & Murray - This New York penal law information is believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed accurate against changes in the New York Penal Code law or typographical errors.

Offenses labeled violations in New York are NOT considered crimes and therefore convictions for violations do not give the person so convicted a criminal record in New York.

  • appearance in public under the influence of narcotics or a drug other than alcohol
  • criminal solicitation in the fifth degree
  • disorderly conduct
  • exposure of a person
  • failing to respond to an appearance ticket
  • harassment in the second degree
  • hazing in the second degree
  • loitering
  • misconduct by a juror in the second degree
  • offensive exhibition245.05
  • promoting the exposure of a person
  • trespass
  • unlawful possession of a weapon upon school grounds
  • unlawful possession of marijuana
  • unlawful prevention of public access to records
  • unlawfully posting advertisements

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